Eglise de BenquetEglise de Benquet
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The "musical"
At the gates of the Chalosse countryside, Benquet is halfway between Mont de Marsan and Saint-Sever. The pilgrims of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle pass there to reach the south.
It now has the most endearing festival in the Mons conurbation, which ignites the nights of May every year.

The castle of Laurens Castelet

It was built in 1872, at the entrance to the town, on the left. The oldest left wing was the residence of the Marquis de Cornulier. Near this castle, you can see a century-old cedar.


The old castle

An old house, called Château Vieux is said to have been the pied-à-terre of Jeanne d’Albret and Henri IV.

Located on the way from Vézelay to Santiago de Compostela, the village is known to pilgrims but also to cyclists and hikers who appreciate the roads through fields and forests.


Saint John the Baptist Church

The altar of this church is the work of a renowned sculptor, Eloi Ducom who was inspired by the “Last Supper” by the painter Leonardo da Vinci.


The Saint-Christau district

2 kilometers away, the Saint Christau district has a typical 14th century church. The sound of its bells is said to ward off thunderstorms and hail. Not far from there, “the source of crystals” has the property of curing skin diseases. Further south, a sizable hill lake attracts nature lovers.

The little extra of Benquet