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Take a walk and de-stress in

The Urban Natural Park

of Mont de Marsan Agglomération

Why an urban natural park?

The creation of the PNU corresponds to the desire of the Agglomeration to enhance and preserve the natural, architectural and historical heritage which constitutes the identity of its territory.

Project which also has a relaxation/leisure aspect thanks to the development of walking routes with picnic areas for local visitors and tourists alike.

Another vocation of these places, to train the citizens of tomorrow by serving as educational media (education in the preservation of the environment and knowledge of our past) for schoolchildren and the general public.

The PNU also ensures a transition between the city and the countryside, between natural spaces, economic activities and housing.

Several places have been identified for development within this unifying framework

The Landes Airial and Nine Fountains Ponds

The Massy fishing pond

The historic landscaped site of Castets

The banks of the Midouze

The Limac wetland

In order to meet one of the founding objectives of the PNU, which aims to promote environmental and historical education, the site of the Neuf Fontaines and that of Castets are the subject of occasional events.