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the "nugget" of Mont de Marsan Agglo
The smallest town of Mont de Marsan Agglomération, but which has a real nugget within it… Bostens, is home to the 9 fountains ponds, a magical place to discover in all seasons.

The site of the ponds of the nine fountains

Landscapes and microenvironments of the valleys of the former moor make it a set of exceptional ecological values. The fauna and flora reveal all their richness there.

To see : water birds (coots, mallards, water hens, herons…) that use this wetland to nest, mammals, turtles…


Saint Mary’s Church

It is considered the most remarkable of the apse churches in the agglomeration. It dates from the 11th and 12th centuries. The chevet, the choir and the bell tower have been classified as historic monuments since 1916.


The Fountain of Fear

The fountain “la houn de la pau” is famous for curing several ailments and in particular for promoting the first steps of young children.

Processions took place until the end of the 1960s on the first Sunday in May. It can be visited by asking permission from the owner.