Eglise de BougueEglise de Bougue
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the pearl of the east
On the route of the Marsan and Armagnac greenway which overlooks the village, Bougue will be the gateway to the “Scandiberian” in 2018 which will arrive from Norway (Trondheim) to reach Spain (Saint-Jacques de Compostela).


The town is home to two unmissable sights, the porch of its church and the site of Castets which includes castle mounds.

The church

The 11th century fortified bell tower of the Bougue church is classified. The porch and its Baroque sculpted columns come from an old altarpiece. The former priory (the current town hall) houses the permanent exhibition of archeology and geology.


The site of Castets

Place of passage frequented for millennia at the crossroads between Marsan and Gers, from this privileged position, Bougue retains many traces of a rich historical past.

The Castets plateau is the remnant of a vast continental plain formed nearly 20 million years ago. Today it is a classified monument which contains many quarries rich in fossils of marine and terrestrial mammals.


The arena

The village of Bougue has a very pretty “placita” with 1,200 seats, which has allowed the pena SOLEDAD to return to its walls to organize the BOLSIN.


The Saint Clair fountain

The fountain “cures” eye disease.