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the forester
Municipality at the gates of the Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park, Geloux is resolutely the municipality of wide open spaces.


Here the forest takes on its full meaning, going for a little walk will allow you to oxygenate yourself far from the stress of the city.

Saint Medard church

A Romanesque church from around 1100 which has undergone significant modifications over the centuries, and numerous restoration campaigns.


The lagoons

In partnership with the ONF, the municipality of Geloux has drawn up a management plan for the municipality over 15 years (2015-2029).

This plan aims, among other things, to preserve biodiversity and safeguard lagoons in wetlands. Two hectares in total in our municipality.


The communal forest

The municipal forest of Geloux with an area of 254.72 ha is made up of 3 massifs, all located on the municipal territory.

It is located in the IFN region of the Landes Plateau and rests on the sandy soils typical of this natural region. Fertility is quite good on these reclaimed wet moors.

The little extra of Geloux