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the discreet


the discreet
Laglorieuse is one of the smallest towns in the Mont de Marsan agglomeration.


However, it deserves a stop for its atypical castle, its church and its wash house located in a very vegetal wetland, a charming place to walk in the middle of nature.

The Chateau D’arricaud

The Château d’Arricaud stands at the end of a wide alley of three-hundred-year-old oaks. With a late Louis XIII appearance, we owe its construction to Monsieur Augustin de Poyféré de Varenne Seigneur and Baron d’Arricaud.

Indeed, around 1650Baron d’Arricaud undertook major expansion and transformation works on his old Landaise fortified house, which we also call Caverie in our region.

The building is enlarged by the addition of two large pavilions staggered on the front and two small ones at the rear. The new facade is topped with Mansard roofs.


The Church of Our Lady of Laglorieuse

The Notre-Dame de Laglorieuse church was completely rebuilt in 1864 and is particularly characterized by its decorative richness, including its carved door and its gilded altar.

The building has three naves leading to a polygonal choir. The aisles flanking the nave are pierced with semi-circular arched bays. At the south-west corner of the nave rises an outer bell tower crowned with a polygonal spire with slate dormer windows. It is pierced with a semi-circular arched window on each side.

A canopy supported by wooden pillars is attached to the western gable wall of the nave.

The little extra of Laglorieuse