Uchacq Et ParentisUchacq Et Parentis
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Uchacq et Parentis

the little landaise
Small town on the road to Bordeaux, Uchacq and Parentis is the ideal place to stop.


Lots of things to discover here, especially at the Chourdens Educational Farm where typical Landes animals await you.

Saint Etienne church

The Saint-Etienne church was demolished and rebuilt in 1853 away from the Estrigon, a watercourse that had flooded it regularly since 1843. Classical-style murals adorn the interior. They were made in 1854 by the Mons painter Louis Anselme Longa.

The portal and the capitals of the choir are witnesses of the old Romanesque church which has disappeared.

The building was classified as a historical monument in 1946 and registered in 2004.


Saint Laurent Church

This church has a fortified square tower steeple, massive 14th century square bell tower and a classified altarpiece.


The Estrigon site & its forest

The site and the forest offer a walk in the middle of ferns, primroses, deer, stags, squirrels…

Within this veritable wet gallery, the extreme wealth of flora and fauna contrasts with the apparent monotony of the pine forest.