Berges de la MidouzeBerges de la Midouze
©Berges de la Midouze|Teddy Bear

The banks of the Midouze

in Mont de Marsan

The potential was huge


Medieval or water-related heritage, network of walks and gentle circulations accessible to all on the banks, reconquest of the old port area to make it a festive center facing the confluence…

For all these reasons, the City of Mont de Marsan and the Agglo are committed to a strong policy of development and upgrading of the banks of the Midouze, the Douze and the Midou. The “Rivers in the city” project has made it possible to enhance a heritage that combines nature and the urban.

It extends over 16kms and includes:

Renovation of the water trough hold

Reshaping the quays of Midouze, Silguy and Méchin into a place for walking, resting and contemplating

The footbridge between the Quai de la Midouze and the Quai Silguy which reconnects the districts and facilities on both banks

The belvedere overlooking the Midouze offers a perspective view of the banks

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From the banks of the Midouze

in Mont de Marsan