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Limac Wetlands

in Laglorieuse

This site was to be a major place of social life in the town in the past: washhouse, devotional site, allotment gardens, watercress beds… Also presenting recognized ecological riches, it is an intimate place close to the center of the village.

The spiritual dimension linked to pilgrimage is another characteristic of this space.

The management initiated by the community on the creek bed to limit the closure of the environment could be continued downstream. The objective of the developments will be in particular to highlight the built elements: the washhouse and the Saint-Guirons fountain, a place of pilgrimage to the Ascension.

The presence of a small stream, a tributary of the Ludon, between these two built entities will allow visitors to find the hydrological dimension of the Marsan Urban Natural Park.

Projected development objectives (2019-2021)

Installation of signage from the town center

Development of a reception area: parking lots, information panels, furniture, picnic tables, improvement of plantations, etc.

Presentation of the site thanks to environmental awareness panels presenting in particular the flora of the wetlands

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of the Limac wetlands

in Laglorieuse