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"unexpected parentheses"

Live an unexpected parenthesis, yes but which one? You have the choice.

Between gastronomicexperiences, Landes and Gascon traditions, escape in the Landes forest, sculptures, the choice is great… and you will certainly not have time to experience them all in one escape!

1. Admire the sculptures in the streets, in the Despiau-Wlérick museum, and take a selfie with « La Plongeuse » (the diver).

A new sculpture discovery trail at Mont de Marsan with developed labels, QR codes, etc. accessible everywhere in town. Go to meet the works which are numbered on the map to facilitate the walk… It’s up to you to create your own walk!
Discover the map of the route or scan the Qr Code present near the sculptures.

2. Hike on the marked trails in the city or in the heart of the Landes forest.

Take a bike ride along the “Green Lane” from Mont de Marsan to Armagnac

Mont de Marsan, nature, the real thing!

Rural land, large natural spaces for walking, protected areas to preserve our heritage, you will find in Mont de Marsan a set of places and spaces adapted to your expectations, to stroll, recharge your batteries or learn to know the fauna and flora.

3. Let yourself be tempted by the smells of the St Roch market.

The Saint Roch market, which is one of the 100 most beautiful markets in France, punctuates the life of Mont de Marsan. It is an unmissable event on Tuesday and Saturdaymornings for all lovers of local flavors.

All the products that make up the gastronomic identity of our territory can be found there.

4. Admire the view of the keep and the Romanesque houses from the passerelle des musées (museum footbridge).

Climb to the top of the terrace of Despiau Wlérick Museum to enjoy the view

Immerse yourself in the past of the city of Mont de Marsan, this ancient fortified town founded in the Middle Ages. You will discover Mont de Marsan and its emblematic monuments (ramparts, Romanesque houses, Madeleine church). You will enjoy the panorama on the confluence of the rivers where the past of the old river port will be evoked to you.

5.  Relax at the leisure park du Marsan.

At the heart of a forest area of more than 120 hectares located in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, the Base de Loisirs is a protected and secure place dedicated to outdoor activities for young and old and offers a wide range of activities, of relaxation.

Its swimming lake and its 7.000 m² white sand beach allow you to enjoy aquatic pleasures. A second basin of 2 hectares is reserved for the practice of freshwater fishing. A playground accessible to people with disabilities as well as an arena beach

Picnic areas, in the shade of tall pines, are also available.

In order to encourage sporting and recreational activities, the Marsan Leisure Center has cycle routes and marked footpaths.

6. Relive the local past at the Marquèze Eco-museum.

The Marquèze Ecomuseum was created in 1969 by the Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park. It is one of the very first eco-museums in France. Its mission is to preserve, study and transmitthe heritage of the Grande Lande by reconstructing the living environment of its inhabitants in the 19th century.

150 years ago, this original society of shepherd-farmers was in such symbiosis with its environment that it disappeared when the moor gave way to the forest. Marquèze tells the story of this unique link between a society and its environment, its economic, cultural or social consequences in one of the largest open-air museums in France.

7. Enjoy a slice of « tourtière » and “Pastis landais”, 2 local specialties (sweet).

Apples flavored with Armagnac delicately placed under thin layers of caramelized dough. This is the promise of the Landes tourtière. A traditional recipe that never goes out of fashion and that will delight the whole family!

No, pastis landais has absolutely nothing to do with the famous anise drink! At the same time greedy, airy and very fragrant, this traditional pastry is the pride of the Gascons. Still a little unknown beyond the Landes, pastis deserves closer attention. We tell you all about the history of this rather special brioche and its little manufacturing secrets!

8. Share the emotion of a « course landaise » (cow dodging and jumping contest)…

The Course Landaise is a sport practiced mainly in the French departments of Landes and Gers which is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Sports and managed by the French Federation of the Course Landaise.

It is also a bullfighting tradition belonging to the Gascon cultural heritage.

Do not hesitate to go to the ganadérias to discover the Landes cows in semi-freedom and the world of Landes races. There are 2 around Mont de Marsan.

9. Meet Armagnac producers.

The oldest eau-de-vie in France, secret, confidential…. Like Gascony.

Armagnac by the diversity of its grape varieties will surprise connoisseurs. Discovering it requires going as close as possible to the terroir, to meet the producers, in their cellar so that they can share their passion with you….

Unforgettable moments of sharing and a must if you really want to know Mont de Marsan and Gascony.

10. Visit the Rozanoff Air Base Museum

Air Base 118 contains a space entirely dedicated to the history of the Air Force.

You will be able to discover there, among other things, the outfits of the personnel, photo and explanatory panels, the means of detection, the aircraft cabins, aircraft equipment, fighter aircraft on display, etc.

11. Enjoy a taste of Spain during the Arte Flamenco Festival

The Arte Flamenco festival wants to be faithful to the tradition of pure flamenco while exploring the paths of modernity.
Its specificity lies in its dual identity on the one hand an international reach through the choice of leading Spanish artists, the strong links with Andalusia or the attractiveness of the festival outside the borders on the other hand a local anchorage and authentic.

Its vocation is to transmit and promote flamenco and develop cross-artistic proposals: dance, music, singing, visual arts, literature.

12. Go for a ride in a canoe on the Midouze from the centre of Mont de Marsan

Embark along the Midouze aboard a canoe or kayak and experience a day surrounded by nature. For the more adventurous, it is also possible to experience a real trek with bivouac for 2 days from Roquefort